Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saturday Morning Snuggles

Mika and Jasper doing all they can to take their moms mind off her post surgery aches and pains. Pic within a pic background makes for a complete impromptu family photo.

Anyways, as you can see below... Debra has put on her happy face despite her pain and discomfort ;-)

Overlaying smiley face is actually a wrought iron sculpture in the foreground found during a trip to the Holmburgs Apple Orchard earlier this month. In retrospect.. a 40 minute trip down a bumpy farm road just days after surgery probably wasn't the best choice of activities.

So, A jar apple butter, a bag of honey crisps, and 3 pumpkins later we were heading back to Marshall. Ignoring our apathetic GPS, we decided it was best to return via an alternate PAVED route.

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Alana R said...

How sweet of Jasper and Mika to try to cheer their mommy up!