Saturday, October 25, 2008

Name that Fair Food!

Ok, so we are a little delayed in the fair postings but here is the first of two. Can you guess what these foods are? Check back in a day or two for the answers and to see other photos from the fair.


Alana R said...

1. Deep fried candy bar?
2. Cheese curds
3. Corn dog
4. Choc chip cookies (Martha's?)
5. Pecan Caramel cinnamon roll
6. Scottish egg
7. potato chips
8. Kabob of some kind?

debra lynn said...

You think I'd be eating a fried candy bar! Ick! Pretty good on all the rest though :)

Matt Horn said...

Martha's cookies and the Buffalo Shrimp on stick were my fav's this year.

Alana R said...

Cheesecake on a stick for number one?

debra lynn said...

#1 is called a fudge puppy. It's a belgian waffle on a stick dipped in fudge and then topped with whipped cream--yummy!

Mary Susan said...

This photo is hilariously disgusting. #7 was my sweet potato chips!! They were good! Scottish