Saturday, December 20, 2008

SnowBot 1.0

Updated below! (most recent on bottom)

What do you do when the snowplow throws Titanic-berg-esque blocks of compressed snow onto your driveway? (2 times in 2 days in fact..) You make a 7' snowman! .... (then realize it looks more like a robot and tell your kids that was the goal all along.) Of course this being Marshall, I received confused expressions from a couple of rubberneckin' drive-by's.. But at the end of the day I have a Snowbot in the middle of my driveway and they don't! so HA ! hmm.. middle...DOH!

Sorry for the landscape viewing - no rotate option on Blogger it seems. So either park your left ear on your shoulder or tilt your monitor and enjoy the cuteness that is Mika.

(hint..It's a video.. so click on the triangle to play)

Sunday Morning - Dec 14th update

Saturday was beautiful but all through last night and this morning there's been 20-35mph winds gusts. Surely at some point in the night the fragile and top heavy Snowbot would have toppled. But low and behold! the winds have merely 'bent' him backwards into some sort of pre-limbo pose. Ya.. it's a slow news day ;-) but I'm having fun playing with the still cameras video features so just click below!

Friday Afternoon - December 19th update

(click on pictures to enlarge)

the slowest limbo-ing snowbot in history
... ( I guarantee I'm the first person to type that sentence...)

The last five days have been.. well.. gravity defying.. additionally, The local paparazzi have been relentless in their coverage. Yes, Snowflake made front page news in the Marshall Independent newspaper. (See video below)

I'm baffled at what's keeping his 30+lb head on. This morning my truck nearly did what 5 days of strong winds and gravity could not, as I nearly clipped Snowflake's cold cranium with my driver side mirror.

Not really much else to say about this.

Before.... and 5 days later.....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Scrapbook Page

Although I've done many pages since my last slide show post, I just wanted to post this one quickly since I spent a bunch of time on it and I like it so much. Since the surgery, it was more comfortable to sit on the couch or in bed, so I did loads of stitching on this layout and it reminds me of all the crafting my mom did. Also, since our family photo is the main focus of the page it really makes Matt and I think about how much we miss our moms. Since both of us lost our moms in October and it's breast cancer awareness month it really drives it home for us as well. (They both died of cancer, my mom had breast cancer) The thing I know that we really miss is them seeing the kids and vice-versa.

Anyway, here is the layout which is based on the October pagemaps sketch. I stitched the bird and the circle around it. If you click the photo, you can see an enlarged view. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Quilt update!

I've been working diligently to finish Jasper's quilt by Christmas. I don't know yet if I'll meet the deadline with other looming projects but I'm getting closer, especially considering it's my first quilt and I started around November 15th. Anyway here are a couple of photos since I now have the entire top done. Special thanks go out to Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie Studio for assisting me in not only choosing fabric but also for posting a great tutorial of how to piece a wonky log cabin quilt on her blog. Check out her blog, her quilts are fabulous! Now I just need to quickly piece the back and learn how to top stitch the whole thing and finally do the binding. I plan on practicing the top stitching (meandering) on some squares I didn't like and making a very small 6 square lap quilt.

Mika's 4th B-day Bash !

On Nov. 28th 4 years ago, Debra and I began driving 90 minutes to Olivia MN, Corn Capital of (MN, the Midwest... the World?) and home to the only water-birthing facility in Southwestern MN. She delivered our first little bundle of spark-a-tude 5 hours later and what a little doll she has grown up to be! (Mika not Debra... not saying my wife isn't a doll.. k, nevermind). Which brings us to her 4th b-day party held at Auntie Wendy's beautiful new Bloomington home.
Have to give planning and execution credits to Debra for yet another fabulously creative b-day celebration. Food = Butterfly cupcakes with licorice antennae and white chocolate pretzel wings (anyone else humming Lucy in the sky with diamonds ?)... Quiche, Raspberry French toast Strata, and of course crunchy oven-roasted, applewood smoked bacon bacon ~yummy~ other pic's in this post include an arms length self portrait including brother Jeff and a brooding Jasper sporting the duel fingers in mouth look. Fun was had by all!