Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fair--Part II

So if you didn't guess already, here are the answers to the fair food...
1. Fudge Puppies, Belgian waffles on a stick, dipped in chocolate, topped with whipped cream
2. Cheese curds
3. Corn dog
4. Sweet Martha's Chocolate chip cookies
5. Pecan Caramel cinnamon roll
6. Scottish egg
7. Sweet potato chips
8. Buffalo shrimp kabob

Although you can't tell in the photos, Jasper LOVED the rides. We had been to the Schwans picnic and they had the blow up jumpy things and they had a slide one that he went on over and over, as much as we let him, which was lots. Due to that, he didn't quite get the concept that you couldn't just go on the rides repeatedly, which did make him sad. Especially the slide. As Mika said, "The rides weren't my favorite". She liked the slide lots but would only go on that and the ferris wheel which she did NOT like. It was too loud. She would be fine if they made no noise. Hence why she love the man-driven rides at the Renissance. (Photos to come from that soon). We went to the fair with Papa, and the Gerber family including Mikes mom, all the kids (and adults) had a good time!


Alana R said...

It almost looks like Mika has her hair in a ponytail...
Cute pictures!

mylyn said...

i LOVE cheese curds! I have only had them once that time you & Alana took us to the fair a few years ago & I think once at the renaissance fair as well. looks like you all had fun!

debra lynn said...

Mika has two pig-tails! Every now and then she lets me do it, she just has to be going somewhere.