Monday, September 6, 2010

Matt here finishing up a quiet and relaxing four day labor-day weekend at home with the family. heading back to work with a busy week of travel. Thoughts of excited anticipation and uncertainty filling our minds, yet no one can foresee the future so it's best not to dwell there. So instead, here's the recent past.. Summer 2010 for the Horn's of Marshall in a stream of non chronological ordered sentence fragments..

  • Hosting our families at Debra and Jaspers b-days celebrations
  • Sowing seeds on the front porch giving life to our garden
  • Mika and Jasper's first real experience of loss as they say goodbye to Nado
  • (happy bonus) Nimba's affection rating with Mika skyrockets
  • RenFest, the Currie Train Museum and Pipestone during a great week with Grandpa John (see montage)
  • Parks, bikes and scooters with a few skinned knees
  • A family summer vacation to Omaha and the Zoo exceeded our expectations
  • Twin Cities for the 4th o July fireworks followed by 2 hours in a parking lot waiting to traffic to unjam.
  • A decent harvest of heirloom tomatoes
  • 20+ jars of various tomato sauces canned
  • swimming lessons.
  • Getting ready for Kindergarten and preschool.
  • The Perfect Luchbox..

Surely there's was more but those were the standout moments from our past few months.

Summer always make me acutely aware of the passage of time. That feeling of having to get it all in before the winter months can be taxing. I guess it was good 'timing' then to watch The Time Travelers Wife. The film focus's on the sadness and grandeur of life and the mystery of time. A familiar plot I find myself in each time I contemplate my past and the future lives of our amazing kids.. Our first lifetime enduring memories are formed during these years so I find myself striving to recreate the same memorable moments I had as a 4-6 yearold. Blanket forts, saving the princess, bike adventures etc..(to future kids, Did it work?)

ugh..My role as a speck in time always becomes so apparent during blog entries - no real point to this other than to thoughtfully address the future audiences of these pages. The internal optimist in me knows it all turns out wonderful.

(posted by: Matt logged in as Debra)