Monday, July 13, 2009

Robot Pillow

I'm waiting for my fabric to arrive to start sewing our quilt and a skirt for a friends daughter, but I needed to sew. So I had a pillow form and some scraps laying around and decided to make a pillow for Jasper. Of course I had to meet my nemesis again, the zipper. Thanks to googlereader, I follow many blogs and I remembered that House on Hill Road had a tutorial for such a thing. Checking my bookmarks, I quickly found it and got to work. Jasper and I are quite pleased with the results. Check it out, the zipper is hidden, yippee, success. Maybe my unnatural fears of the zipper will subside soon.


Alana R said...

It's very cute and Jasper looks like he loves it! How did the zipper go?

debra lynn said...

Alana, the zipper was easy! I highly recommend the tutorial for that type of pillow. I suppose it could be modified for a bag too, but the access wouldn't be so easy since it's hidden. There are a few puckers by the zipper but they are small. I even bought a 22" zipper and shortened it to 16".