Thursday, July 2, 2009

Catching Tadpoles

The kids had a wonderful day at Camden State Park about a week ago. We had planned to go and the day was sunny in the morning, however the news had thunderstorm warnings out for the day. I decided to go anyway since I knew they'd be disappointed if we didn't. Packed up the lunch, the sand toys, the swimsuits and off we went. It was well worth it, the weather was perfect—warm and a bit windy, which kept the bugs away. They played in the sand and then discovered the tadpoles and went wading in the ultra cold spring-fed waters. Before long they pleaded for their swimsuits. Watching the sky I obliged and told them that if it started to rain we'd have to head home. With the giant shovel and the buckets they skillfully caught lots of tadpoles, dumping them back in when they'd get about 5 in the bucket. Working the water and the sand castle kept them busy and satisfied. I gave them the 5 minute warning and then we got dressed headed back to the car when we felt the first few drops of rain. Our picnic would have to be inside. They were ok with that. Safely back home we had our picnic lunch, a bath and snuggled in since the thunder had started and was very LOUD!

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