Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Wood Quilt

MyLyn picked out super cute owl fabric and these wood fabrics went perfectly with it and "boy-ed" it up the perfect amount and how could I go wrong with wood fabric for little Owen Wood? It has a minky back just like his cousin Linkin's quilt. Super soft and cuddly :) I got my inspiration from an avid quilter and sewer who blogs here. For my 4th quilt ever I'm very happy with it.


Alana R said...

I just now got the wood fabric/Wood name..
It's even cuter in real life when you can see the quilting and touch the silky back!
Owen and Linkon are lucky to have such a crafty aunt!

myla rose said...

we love it! Owen loves the colors and is always staring at them. You're doing great with the quilting!