Saturday, December 20, 2008

SnowBot 1.0

Updated below! (most recent on bottom)

What do you do when the snowplow throws Titanic-berg-esque blocks of compressed snow onto your driveway? (2 times in 2 days in fact..) You make a 7' snowman! .... (then realize it looks more like a robot and tell your kids that was the goal all along.) Of course this being Marshall, I received confused expressions from a couple of rubberneckin' drive-by's.. But at the end of the day I have a Snowbot in the middle of my driveway and they don't! so HA ! hmm.. middle...DOH!

Sorry for the landscape viewing - no rotate option on Blogger it seems. So either park your left ear on your shoulder or tilt your monitor and enjoy the cuteness that is Mika.

(hint..It's a video.. so click on the triangle to play)

Sunday Morning - Dec 14th update

Saturday was beautiful but all through last night and this morning there's been 20-35mph winds gusts. Surely at some point in the night the fragile and top heavy Snowbot would have toppled. But low and behold! the winds have merely 'bent' him backwards into some sort of pre-limbo pose. Ya.. it's a slow news day ;-) but I'm having fun playing with the still cameras video features so just click below!

Friday Afternoon - December 19th update

(click on pictures to enlarge)

the slowest limbo-ing snowbot in history
... ( I guarantee I'm the first person to type that sentence...)

The last five days have been.. well.. gravity defying.. additionally, The local paparazzi have been relentless in their coverage. Yes, Snowflake made front page news in the Marshall Independent newspaper. (See video below)

I'm baffled at what's keeping his 30+lb head on. This morning my truck nearly did what 5 days of strong winds and gravity could not, as I nearly clipped Snowflake's cold cranium with my driver side mirror.

Not really much else to say about this.

Before.... and 5 days later.....


Alana R said...

Nice! Snowflake to the rescue.

Alana R said...

Neither snow nor wind can defeat Snowbot! Sun and rain might pose a small problem though..

Mary Susan said...

Ha ha ha!!!!
Your kids probably think you have super powers to create a snobot that actually fights the blizzard.

dale said...

Wow...what a snowbot! Amazing she can do the limbo!

Matt Horn said...

Dale - it's a 'HE'... we checked..

MarySue - "Probably" ? ;-)

Alana - I checked the weather report - there's only a 30% chance of rain today.. oh wait.. that was for Marshall, Florida!

Mary Susan said...

Update: I saw Snowbot this morning on my drive to take Aidan and Chloe to daycare.....he is still "in limbo" - still standing even through the blizzard!!!

Karen Lee said...
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Karen Lee said...

Great Snowbot Debra!!

ScrapperK from

Laura said...

Your snowman is so cool! Makes the snowmen we built in Mississippi seem a little sad. Awesome photos!