Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Beast and the Replicator

So Jasper does ALMOST every thing Mika does. She says it, he says it. She does it he does it. It only gets complicated when she tells him how she wants him to play such as, "Buddy, you and I can both be mermaids, I'll be the purple one and you can be the green one." He doesn't want to play that, disagrees and a fight ensues. Other fights are over toys. Anyway, on to the funny point of this post. Every now and the we have some funny Mika-isms. Two happened on this Tuesday. Jasper decided he wanted to sit on the potty (like Mika) so, of course, I let him. He sat, Mika and I tried to read some books. Mika interrupted, "Mommy, Jasper has a peanut, why does he have a peanut?" Oh my gosh! I had to try so hard not to laugh too much! We've never called it a peanut, its typically a penis. So I corrected and told her boys have a penis, which she knows. This was all around lunch time.

Later after Matt got home and after we had had had dinner but were still at the table, Mika had another question. "Mommy remember that day we were at the snow sled store and the girl had a necklace on her teeth, why do people were a necklace on thier teeth?" Snowsled store? Necklace on teeth? WTF!? Matt and I looked at each other and then it hit me. "Oh, you mean braces! People have to wear those so their teeth get nice and straight. Mommy wore them for 2 years." Mika replied, "well, I don't want to wear them". Typical. At least it was funny!

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Alana R said...

At least no one is allergic to peanuts in your house ;)