Saturday, August 23, 2008

Family Photo

Click on photo to enlarge.

OK, I'm way behind on posts. I need to put photos from Jaspers birthday party up, but instead, I'm doing a quick post with a couple of photos from a family photo shoot at Camden State Park today. Matt did a fabulous job of taking photos and I took a few cute ones as well. As anyone with two little beastlings can tell you, it is a complete miracle that we got a family photo and we only took 2 shots. (Utilizing a tripod and our camera with a timer.) It was past their nap time and Jasper only wanted to play in the stream and Mika only wanted to play in the park. Overall it was a very successful day!

Photo note: Jasper was looking at the ants on the tree very closely in the first photo therefore, I felt it important to include the macro photo of them!


Anonymous said...

WOW, those are GREAT photo's ! such a god looking family!!

Jennifer Nissen said...

I really like your guys should set up a photography business on the side. I am always amazed at the photos you both take, I paid big bucks for photos like that!

Mary Susan said...

The family pic turned out great! Yes, I know how difficult that task can be...we have *yet* to get a good pic of the 4 of us together.