Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Even longer overdue update - by Matt

Quickly and without really thinking, I snapped a picture of my crisp, new ACF Certified Executive Chef certificate that arrived today. Upon review, I noticed I had unconsciously produced a collage like composition that incorporated the beautiful smiling faces of my wife and children.

The picture above illustrates the forces that motivate me to a better person in life and to excel at what I do so that I may have the means to make their lives better. It's at times like this, when I zoom out and see the bigger picture, I feel infinitesimal small yet enormously proud at the same time.

OK, enough of the Hubristic postings! What else is new at H.O.M.E you ask ?

Well since I suck at transitions and I'm to tired to form complete sentences, I'll wrap up this update via bullet points.

  • Mika ends day 1 of no naps. Mommy drinks Bailys from a tumbler.

  • Debra's hand made scrapbookin' table has been installed in the basement and actually looks pretty spiffy! Google 'Mise en place' and you see this picture now:

  • After several moments of excessive rubbing, Debra realizes that the dirt spot on Jaspers face is actually a new mole.

  • According to Jaz will be 6' 6" tall (if we keep feeding him)
  • Matt (random switch to 3rd person) has joined the social networking bandwagon via Facebook and is shocked to find a group named "People named Matt Horn" with 12 members. (not kidding go look!)
  • During the making of breakfast a wide eyed, panic stricken Mika looks at the egg in her hand and says, "HURRY UP DADDY, IT'S ABOUT TO HATCH!!"
  • Matt loses 45 minutes of productive time at work today snickering at Cake Wrecks


Alana R said...

That is a nice composition.
Joel and I laughed at your bullet points. At least Mommy isn't drinking it straight from the bottle.
Grandma Brant used to rub a mole on my nose all the time thinking it was dirt. She used spit and a kleenex though...
Cakewrecks is pretty amusing/frightening. I find it frightening that people paid for those.

Wendy said...

Bob and I spent three days over the weekend driving his car from Houston to Minneapolis....we soared through the Ozarks on twisty back roads while I tried to show him the best entries from Cakewrecks. He's trying to power through curves in the highway and I'm laughing my head off, demanding he take his eyes off the road and "look at just one more"...Thank you for some fine humor!

We're headed back up to Minnesota this weekend to attend Jasper's birthday party. Looking forward to finally seeing Debra and Matt's home, catching up with family, getting (hopefully) a break from the Houston heat.

Great Blog Debra and Matt. Keep it up and I may start one too...


Mary Susan said...

I took a look (wasted some time) at cake wrecks too, and it reminded me of when I ordered a cake from Izzy's for Debra's baby shower.
They wrote "Milca" on the cake instead of "Mika" because the girl who took the order wrote her "k" with a space between the two strokes of a K.