Thursday, December 20, 2007

Make your Wet-Jet Greener

So for those of you that don't know, our entire basement with the exception of the guest bedroom, is laminate. I love it--I don't have to worry about the kids spilling or anything, it's great. The only thing I hate is the wet-jet cleaner. I hate that you can't refill them and you have to throw that big plastic thing away every time. Well, guess what? You don't! You can twist off the cap with a big wrench and refill it! I just did it and I certainly don't consider myself a strong person, I think of myself as a 'girly-girl'. I used about two capfuls of pine-sol and filled the rest up with water and popped it back on and it worked perfectly. I will use half vinegar, half water with a little essential oil after I use up the pine-sol, but this is what we had and we don't have any non-fancy vinegar, go figure. I know you can make it even greener by making a few pads out of bar towels by sewing some velcro on one side and throw those in the wash instead of buying the pads, but I'm not there yet. Some people even talk (on web site) of using Always brand pads to save money since they are cheaper too but I think I'd make them first! But the Swiffer pads do look just like that--ha ha! Just by refilling the fluid you are saving a ton of money and helping the environment. Wooo Hoooo!

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Matt Horn said...

I still too haunted by Japser's 'Elf-ing' (see 6 posts ago) to comment on anything else ;-)